the point not being the point

Being the centre of your own universe is a tall order for anyone.

In fact, being the centre of any universe is a tall order for any person, be it the centre of your boyfriend/girlfriend’s universe, centre of your own universe, centre of hollywood ect. It’s too much for one person. We weren’t made to be that. I’ve been realising more and more that I am much happier if someone else is my focus instead of me being my own focus.

I’ve been helping out in Heideveld (think it’s part of the cape flats?) on wednesdays, restoring a house to be used as some type of shelter and teaching some children in the community, and wednesday, sitting there, making new friends, moving from my own world, I realised that we were not made to revolve around ourselves. People were made to be in community with each other, fulfill each other’s needs and bear each other’s burdens.

I met a young girl who is 20 years old and has been off drugs for only a few months now. She used to do everything, dagga, tik, coke (and some other stuff I ain’t got no idea of:-) and even spent a month in Pollsmoore prison. Being with her widens my world and changes my perspective and makes me forget about the things that I think are so important in my own life.

We were teaching some children about Jesus’s love and asking them what are things that are “wrong” to do. Answers from a 5 year old: dagga, stabbings and burning down a house. From the sweetest, cheekiest 5 year old boy you’d ever meet.

These people need us. We need them! More! I don’t even know how to describe this. Our society (my society, me) have become so wrapped up in our own worlds and satisfying our own needs that we forget there is a whole other world out there. Things don’t have to be the way they are. This post is sounding way too preachy. It isn’t meant to be.

It’s an invitation to come with me one day. To come check something different out.

It’s not even about what you give up, it’s what you gain.

I’ve struggled with christianity a lot. It seems like the religion is making false promises that we can’t keep. The focus is so much on sin and it’s like there’s a promise that, if you take Jesus as your saviour, your sin will suddenly stop. There are sins that I’ve been struggling with for a long time and just because I’m a christian doesn’t make them go away. But this isn’t to make you lose hope, it’s to give you hope. The hope that SIN IS NOT THE POINT! The point of life is not to become this perfect sin-less creature and neither is the point of religion. Becoming a Christian. Or a person in fulness of what you can be is to have life in abundance. The abundance that you can only get in forgetting yourself and discovering things that you thought were true for so long  just simply aren’t. Discovering you don’t have to carry your own burden anymore or focus on your own problems anymore. There is another way for all of us to live. Rather than isolated, lonely, scared, chasing something to make us whole…we can do this together, as a community who takes care of each other.

Man…this sounds like a preach again. So not the point. Just the joy I’ve been discovering.

Some come chat to me! Come with me one wednesday! Even if you don’t believe in God, that is SO NOT THE POINT! I want to blog your mind with meeting people and seeing things and experiencing stuff you never would’ve before! Contact me! Come with me! Come see what the heck I’m on about…


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