She knew that he wouldn’t immediately recognize her if he saw her again. Her hair was dark, almost like someone in mourning, and she wore her glasses almost all of the time. She still smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

He wouldn’t notice this until much later that evening, staring at her face in the candlelight, nor would he notice the slightly darker circles around her eyes.

He would never know that she didn’t cry anymore.

Nor did she hope much.

“Life without you is more like surviving than living” she wanted to tell him, but she didn’t. She just sat there.

So did he.

It’s almost like the months that had passed between them was bigger than a lifetime. How a lifetime could fit into a few months she would never understand.

Also, how someone who was a part of you could suddenly become a stranger.

She didn’t feel sad, sitting across from him. Or angry. Or anything at all. She hadn’t felt anything for a long time now.

He knew that the woman sitting on front of him was not the girl he had let go. Or left behind. Or however you would phrase it. Who she was she simply wasn’t anymore.

She decided to get up and leave. Her last words were

“You’re love nearly killed me you know”

And his to her

“As is the way with love”

She wasn’t sure if his eyes were cold, or simply empty of emotion as well.

~  21/05/2008


2 Responses to “Strangers”

  1. 1 Frances Soer Junie 7, 2010 om 4:24 nm

    ..skat,jy skryf so flippen goed!jy se wat my hart voel maar ek weet nie hoe om dit te beskryf nie en dan doen jy dit!!lief vir jou.mwha*

  2. 2 Frances soer Junie 7, 2010 om 4:30 nm

    ..skat.jy skryf so flippen goed.jy beskryf die emosie wat ek voel maar nie weet hoe om dit te se ni.lief vir jou.mwha*

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