book launch

I went to a book launch today. By myself.

I’ve been following this dude’s blog for a while now. And he is South African and self-publishing. It’s a book on church and basically some criticism on how we’re doing it wrong and what we can do better, I think. But really awesome and honest and raw and more of his story and journey with church.

Anyway so after work I decided to go, coz it was 15min from my house and I realllyyyy hate going home alone when I know no one will be there or I have nothing to do that evening.

But I was feeling pretty insecure and self-aware (is that a word?) when I drove there and knew it would be small and intimate as he is not well known yet, I think. So I stopped at Constantia Villiage mall a bit early. Walked passed the seattle coffee shop where it was just to check things out. I prayed to God on the way there, I was like: “You know the mood I’m in. You know if someone looks at me funny or makes me feel out of place or if I get spooked for even a second, I will leave. I will turn around and walk out”

But I decided to go anyway. I would be proud of myself for pushing through, because this is soooo my thing and the guy thinks the same as me.

Anyway so I went  to the Pick and Pay first. I always feel better when I have something to carry. Got back to Seattle and there were a few more people. And two ladies sitting at the entrance selling his book. Just to now look akward (because people were sitting around with their friends, scurrying for chairs ect) I asked the lady: “Hi what is this?” (she must’ve been like, what is your IQ, cant you see?) but she said “A book launch” And I asked again, stupidly, “Can anyone be here?” and she smiled and said “Yes.”

On which I hurried over to the counter to buy some coffee. I knew if I had coffee I would have to stay at least until it’s finished. And I would have something to do with my hands, in an attempt to look less akwards and out of place. Now I realise I had some friends I could ask to go with (before you judge me as being anti-social with no friends) but I wasn’t particularly in the mood to make small talk or hang out with someone afterwards. I am in a mood sometimes. I was in a mood this evening.

Anyway so with my coffee I made my way back and found a chair opposite the book-selling-lady. The presentation in front was counting down: 6 minutes to go. People were arriving and talking loudly. This made me feel comfortable and I could kind of dissapear at the back.

Then the dude started talking. And I KNEW I’d found a kindred soul.

I’m not going to say more that than, except that sometimes, God knows how to connect us with others like ourselves.

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