When the heat breaks

“Move up” she saw his sleepy figure in her doorframe. She vaguely noticed that the sun was starting to peek through the crack in her curtains.

A part of her registered that she loved the way he opened the car doors for her, told her she was beautiful even though he had no reason to, but that this was simply a command and not a request.

Her body obeyed. Half awake she became aware of his body next to hers. They lay akwardly next to each other on her three quarter bed. Partly due to uncomfort and partly due to the fact that she really wanted to, she gave in and turned to him, wrapping her arm around his shoulder and wedgin her legs between his.

She felt his hand on her back. His fingers gently moving up and down. Softly. The moment had almost a dream-like quality. The entire focus of her world became his hand and it mixed beautifully with her dreams.

She could feel his heart beating against her chest. The fingers on her back felt more explicit than any other touch she had ever experienced. Probably because they both knew that anything more was crossing the line. And this was waltzing beautifull ontop of the line, playing with toppling over, both knowing they wouldn’t.

In the distance she heard his cellphone from the living room, where he had slept obediently the entire night. She hadn’t expected him earlier. Knew that he fell asleep quickly but that the morning sun would wake him earlier than her. She remembered vaguely that they needed to get up.

She didn’t want to let go of the moment. She hadn’t felt this feminine in a long time.

She breathed in one more time and closed her eyes to the world. His cellphone rang again. He let out a small moan. She let out a content sigh. She moved her middle finger along his collarbone, not wanting to open her eyes.

Later she noticed the crispness of the mountain. The heat of the previous week had broken and a light breeze was teasing through her window.  She felt almost like she’d experienced a piece of home in a foreign country. She felt lighter.


3 Responses to “When the heat breaks”

  1. 1 Cara Februarie 5, 2011 om 11:16 vm

    Yes. Exactly like that.

    Sigh 🙂

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