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Why I like Donald Miller

I liked Donals Miller’s blog. Just putting it out there. He doesn’t deduce Christianity to formulas, but focuses on a relationship. He also doesn’t expect you to be perfect or fit in a certain box or criteria before being accepted.

I’ve been reading a lot about “christian” dating and so on. This was after the whole Universalist drama goint on with Rob Bell. And I must say, I am over it. Almost want to say over Christianity. I am over fighting about petty things, trying to figure out what’s right and wrong… I know some of these things need to be discussed, but as my agnostic friend noted the other day “There are so many types of Christianity”

When I was younger I thought that you are a Christian or you aren’t. Now there are so many kinds you can be and things you can believe or disbelieve.

I am in particular thinking about this Christian dating thing. People attempting to answer questions like, Can you become a virgin again if you ask for forgiveness? What happens when a virgin and a non-virgin comes together?

It’s all been a bit much for me. That’s why I like Donald Miller’s blog. And books. And him. I read his post “10 principles of a disciple” yesterday. And he’s great. Just go read it, you will see what I mean.

I feel kind of like we are trying to qualify and disqualify people. God makes rules to protect us and keep us safe. God has grace. Somewhere in that we need to live. Discussing the rules again and again I don’t think has much of a point.

I feel like we are discussing theory and there is no real life situations. How about people’s stories? Can we hear more of that? Rather than 10 point principles or answering theoretical questions that I don’t know how they can answer without asking God in heaven one day…

Maybe it’s just me. Who know.



Mmmmm….so a lot of blogs i’m reading at the moment are going on and on about dating. Opinions and comments everywhere. I have my thoughts and commented on one or two blogs, but it never seems to come out right.

So…I want to know your thoughts on dating?

A few questions to guide you:

1. What is dating?

2. Should we date for the purpose of marriage?

3. What boundaries (if any) should we set?

4. Christians and non-christians dating?

Check out the conversation here…


The first change he noticed was in her eyes. The added wrinkles around her lids. There were dark circles under them as well. He noticed the darker patches on her skin as well, where the sun had been unkind to her. It had been a while since he’d last seen her. Looking at her now it seemed longer.

She noticed about him what she’d always noticed first. The way his shoulders hunched when he walked. He had gained a little weight but other than that looked the same.

When her face broke into an open smile he knew that nothing had changed between them. She greeted him as she always did.

There was a moment of akwardness between them, which they both politely ignored.

Later that night, looking at the mountain, talking about the fears and joys of growing up, she felt like he was back. For a while he had left and now he was back.

He knew it too when he looked at her. She looked her age. Yet younger and older at the same time. She’d been through more than other young women. He had always known she would.

Sitting in the bathtub when he went home she felt the way she’d felt three years ago when he’d left. She’d seen him since, but he wasn’t quite there. Both of them. They had both changed. It was okay though.

She knew now that she could love him as she always had. She would love him for who he was. Who she had known him to be. She also knew he wasn’t hers and that was what she wanted. To simply be able to love him.

A few blocks from her he sat thinking of the same thing, as they often did. He knew some part of them would always be the same. As they knew when they were 12 years old. They were still those people, and would always remind each other of that.

On the same thing…

Okay, so this is to follow up on my previous post, “How dare we call ourselves the Church?”

I was reading all this drama around Rob Bell this morning, and my thoughts kept going again and again “What are we doing?”, “What are we doing?”, “What are we doing?”

My point being around this issue…. Why do we keep debating this? It is as if the Christian world lies and waiting, simply waiting for someone to speak up (and often those who do don’t get it 100% right, but at least they have the guts to speak up) then we reign down with all our wrath on someone who had the guts to challenge the way we’ve been doing things.

If only we could channel that aggression to helping others.

My point being. If you sign up for the gospel and Christianity, you sign up to say “I love the Lord my God above all else”, “I love my neighbour as myself.” That’s IT. I don’t know how you could possibly preach the gospel to others without mentioning that. If you sign of for the Jesus thing, you sign up to say, “I am trying to be less selfish”, “I am trying to change the world”, “I am trying to better myself for the sake of those around me.”

I think the way we’ve been doing it is clearly not working. I have nothing against sunday evening services. I know many people whose lives have been radically transformed through an altar call or a message preached by a pastor. I just think that there is an entire generation out there, tired of hearing the same thing over and over and seeing no practical implication. We need to reach them too. We can’t just sit around and wait for them to come to us. We need to re-think how we do “church.” That church is more than meeting on a sunday.

Do we need to meet in a building?

Do we need someone who preaches and others who listen?

Do we need to all be of the same race/class/socio-economical status?

I am thinking of things like….meeting in homes. Eating together. Sharing leisure time. Climbing mountains. Meeting at the ocean ect. If you can’t get input on sunday at church, for whatever reason, make a new plan. Get input. Talk around these things. I read blogs, download preaches, discuss intensively with my friends, volunteer ect. Through all this is how I do it. How do you? Either way, make sure you engage around the gospel and interpretation thereof.

Secondly….giving it up for others. I say again, everyone doesn’t have to volunteer in the cape flats. But what are you doing? If you have a business…who are you working for? Where does your profit go? Who are you employing? Whose lives are you investing in?

It’s not my responsibility to think of a plan to serve, in your own life. I simply know the harvest is plenty…. go check it out in The Book:)

Other than that…when Jesus is asked, how do we inherit eternal life, He tells the story of the Good Samaritan. This is not used as a “How do we help our neighbour” illustration. The question asked to Him was “How do we INHERET ETERNAL LIFE?”

I think that’s hectic…

Jesus places emphasis again and again and again on helping the poor, the needy, the widow, the beggar, the prisoner…

What you make of this is upto you.

Last thing is…. I’m not trying to convince you to give, simply for other’s sake. Honestly truly I wish I could emphasise this more, it’s for you OWN sake. Oh my word. Investing in someone else teaches you things you would never have dreamed of. You gain a sense of purpose. Belonging. You learn you are not so important and it’s so FREEING! I just wish I could have you all experience this…

Neway that’s it from me…

‘n Nuwe werk…

Okay, so ek weet ek het belowe om ‘n follow-up te doen op die vorige post, en ek belowe ek sal, maar vir nou kan ek nie so ernstig dink nie…

Ek het onlangs by ‘n nuwe werk begin, by Lentegeur hospitaal. Vir die wat nie weet nie, dis ‘n psychiatric institution, i.e. die malhuis.

Ek besef daar is ‘n paar dinge van werk wat vir my meer challening is as die actual werk wat ek moet doen:

1. Die mense. Seriously die mense wat saam jou werk is nogal iets om aan gewoond te raak. Die een meisie kom staan anderdag in my deur en se: “Ek mis my boeboe. Hy bly so ver.” Okay goed, vir die wat my ken sal julle weet dat ek nie taal soos “boeboe” en enige ander soppy love stories waardeer nie. Veral nie as ek jou nie ken nie. Ek deel nie my shit met jou nie, so moenie joune met my deel nie. Tweedens, sy bly in Durbanville en ek in Tamboerskloof. Ver? Regtig???

2. Office politics. Hier is ‘n OTT. Wat basically die Arbeidsterapie assistent is. So…sy moet doen wat jy vir haar se. Nie op ‘n mean manier nie, maar jy werk die skedule uit, sy volg dit. Punt. Hierdie een is nou al vir iets soos 20 jaar hier so, as usual, run sy die show. Ek dog ek piepie ‘n bietjie in my broek toe die Hoof van Departement (HOD/ grootkop/ the shit in die OT dept) se sy moet eers die ASSISTENT vra of die skedule haar pas.

3. Vroeg opstaan. Goed, ek besef amper almal haat die deel. Maar ek is ‘n aand mens. Ek funksioneer beste as die son onder is. Ek wil 2h gaan slaap. Maar ek kannie. Want ek moet half7 opstaan. Boo.

Ek wonder of dit net ek is, maar ek droom van ‘n werk wat die volgende eienskappe het.

1. Fleksi-tyd. Ek kan party oggende laatslaap en party vroeg opstaan. Party aande werk en party middae af he. Naweke en weke moet ook interchangable wees.

2. ‘n Kantoor in die stad, met aircon. Ek wou nog altyd in die middestad werk. Tamboerskloof, gardens, midde-stad, vredehoek, da rond. Waar jy by cute koffie winekels lunch en oppad werk toe vida koffie koop….

3. Jou baas is in ‘n ander gebou of awesome. Ek is so lucky dat my baas awesome was by my vorige werk. En die keer is my baas in ‘n ander gebou. Let wel ek ken haar nog nie so dalk is sy ook awesome. Who cares, sy is nie naby my nie, dis al wat tel.

4. Waar jy iets doen wat jy terugvoer kry, en besig genoeg is dat jy nie te veel tyd het om niks te doen nie. Seriously. Ek sien dit orals in die staat. Gewoonlik werk mense so hard om hul skedules aan te pas dat hul tog net middae afhet of kan vroeg loop, maar op die ou end verloor jy daai ding van besig wees en produktief voel.

5. Iets waarvan ek hou en ‘n actual verskil kan maak. Of terugvoer kry. Soort van selfde as hier bo. Maar as jy net kan SIEN jy doen iets. Ek weet nie hoe om te verduidelik nie…

6. Mooi kan aantrek. Ons nuwe uniform is swart, wit, groen, keer strappy tops, geen skirts, geen skinny jeans. Ek voel lelik.

Neway die malletjies is hier….cheers almal!!


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