On the same thing…

Okay, so this is to follow up on my previous post, “How dare we call ourselves the Church?”

I was reading all this drama around Rob Bell this morning, and my thoughts kept going again and again “What are we doing?”, “What are we doing?”, “What are we doing?”


My point being around this issue…. Why do we keep debating this? It is as if the Christian world lies and waiting, simply waiting for someone to speak up (and often those who do don’t get it 100% right, but at least they have the guts to speak up) then we reign down with all our wrath on someone who had the guts to challenge the way we’ve been doing things.

If only we could channel that aggression to helping others.

My point being. If you sign up for the gospel and Christianity, you sign up to say “I love the Lord my God above all else”, “I love my neighbour as myself.” That’s IT. I don’t know how you could possibly preach the gospel to others without mentioning that. If you sign of for the Jesus thing, you sign up to say, “I am trying to be less selfish”, “I am trying to change the world”, “I am trying to better myself for the sake of those around me.”

I think the way we’ve been doing it is clearly not working. I have nothing against sunday evening services. I know many people whose lives have been radically transformed through an altar call or a message preached by a pastor. I just think that there is an entire generation out there, tired of hearing the same thing over and over and seeing no practical implication. We need to reach them too. We can’t just sit around and wait for them to come to us. We need to re-think how we do “church.” That church is more than meeting on a sunday.

Do we need to meet in a building?

Do we need someone who preaches and others who listen?

Do we need to all be of the same race/class/socio-economical status?

I am thinking of things like….meeting in homes. Eating together. Sharing leisure time. Climbing mountains. Meeting at the ocean ect. If you can’t get input on sunday at church, for whatever reason, make a new plan. Get input. Talk around these things. I read blogs, download preaches, discuss intensively with my friends, volunteer ect. Through all this is how I do it. How do you? Either way, make sure you engage around the gospel and interpretation thereof.

Secondly….giving it up for others. I say again, everyone doesn’t have to volunteer in the cape flats. But what are you doing? If you have a business…who are you working for? Where does your profit go? Who are you employing? Whose lives are you investing in?

It’s not my responsibility to think of a plan to serve, in your own life. I simply know the harvest is plenty…. go check it out in The Book:)

Other than that…when Jesus is asked, how do we inherit eternal life, He tells the story of the Good Samaritan. This is not used as a “How do we help our neighbour” illustration. The question asked to Him was “How do we INHERET ETERNAL LIFE?”

I think that’s hectic…

Jesus places emphasis again and again and again on helping the poor, the needy, the widow, the beggar, the prisoner…

What you make of this is upto you.

Last thing is…. I’m not trying to convince you to give, simply for other’s sake. Honestly truly I wish I could emphasise this more, it’s for you OWN sake. Oh my word. Investing in someone else teaches you things you would never have dreamed of. You gain a sense of purpose. Belonging. You learn you are not so important and it’s so FREEING! I just wish I could have you all experience this…

Neway that’s it from me…


1 Response to “On the same thing…”

  1. 1 Anrie Maart 5, 2011 om 5:22 nm

    Hi karlien! Ekt amptelik subscribe tot jou blog – wou eintlik al lankal. Ek wens ekt n ‘wow’ reply gehad op jou post.. Ek dink vir my dié belangrikste ding is nie dat almal saamstem oor issues en die kerk en blah blah nie, maar we’ll dat mense daaroor chat. Ek het jou al gesê: ek dink dis great dat jy jou opinions so frankly en publically voice. Blog away. Dit vat guts. En vir my is dit net goed dat ons begin gesels oor onderwerpe wat ‘taboe’ is. It gets people thinking and talking. En as dit niks anders doen as om my n ander se perspektief oor n saak te gee nie, dan is dit steeds die moeite werk. Keep it up!

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