The first change he noticed was in her eyes. The added wrinkles around her lids. There were dark circles under them as well. He noticed the darker patches on her skin as well, where the sun had been unkind to her. It had been a while since he’d last seen her. Looking at her now it seemed longer.

She noticed about him what she’d always noticed first. The way his shoulders hunched when he walked. He had gained a little weight but other than that looked the same.

When her face broke into an open smile he knew that nothing had changed between them. She greeted him as she always did.

There was a moment of akwardness between them, which they both politely ignored.

Later that night, looking at the mountain, talking about the fears and joys of growing up, she felt like he was back. For a while he had left and now he was back.

He knew it too when he looked at her. She looked her age. Yet younger and older at the same time. She’d been through more than other young women. He had always known she would.

Sitting in the bathtub when he went home she felt the way she’d felt three years ago when he’d left. She’d seen him since, but he wasn’t quite there. Both of them. They had both changed. It was okay though.

She knew now that she could love him as she always had. She would love him for who he was. Who she had known him to be. She also knew he wasn’t hers and that was what she wanted. To simply be able to love him.

A few blocks from her he sat thinking of the same thing, as they often did. He knew some part of them would always be the same. As they knew when they were 12 years old. They were still those people, and would always remind each other of that.


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  1. 1 Joh April 7, 2011 om 10:02 nm

    Roerend, en pragtig.

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