Why I like Donald Miller

I liked Donals Miller’s blog. Just putting it out there. He doesn’t deduce Christianity to formulas, but focuses on a relationship. He also doesn’t expect you to be perfect or fit in a certain box or criteria before being accepted.

I’ve been reading a lot about “christian” dating and so on. This was after the whole Universalist drama goint on with Rob Bell. And I must say, I am over it. Almost want to say over Christianity. I am over fighting about petty things, trying to figure out what’s right and wrong… I know some of these things need to be discussed, but as my agnostic friend noted the other day “There are so many types of Christianity”

When I was younger I thought that you are a Christian or you aren’t. Now there are so many kinds you can be and things you can believe or disbelieve.

I am in particular thinking about this Christian dating thing. People attempting to answer questions like, Can you become a virgin again if you ask for forgiveness? What happens when a virgin and a non-virgin comes together?

It’s all been a bit much for me. That’s why I like Donald Miller’s blog. And books. And him. I read his post “10 principles of a disciple” yesterday. And he’s great. Just go read it, you will see what I mean.

I feel kind of like we are trying to qualify and disqualify people. God makes rules to protect us and keep us safe. God has grace. Somewhere in that we need to live. Discussing the rules again and again I don’t think has much of a point.

I feel like we are discussing theory and there is no real life situations. How about people’s stories? Can we hear more of that? Rather than 10 point principles or answering theoretical questions that I don’t know how they can answer without asking God in heaven one day…

Maybe it’s just me. Who know.


3 Responses to “Why I like Donald Miller”

  1. 1 Tsholo Maart 30, 2011 om 6:13 nm

    i am also a huge fan of donald miller’s. the think i like most about him is that he doesn’t act like he’s got it all figured out. most christian authors tend to tell you what’s wrong with you and how to fix it. he basically says what he’s learned in his life so far…he acknowledges that he’s not perfect, and he’s still trying to figure out this christ following thing as well…same as shane claiborne…and that’s why i like reading their stuff.

  2. 2 Tsholo Maart 30, 2011 om 6:14 nm

    so basically i guess i’m saying, it’s not just you.

  3. 3 sterrekind Maart 30, 2011 om 8:31 nm

    yeah i love shane clairborne as well! he rocks!!

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