The end

She received the message while sitting in a coffee shop with her friends. “We need to talk” it stated simply. Clearly. She hadn’t heard from him in over a week. “Sure” se replied. She knew the conversation they would have. She’s had it before. She as tired of it. Tired of the emotion it would unlock, the blow to her ego, the questions, the self-loathing. No, they would not talk. She most likely would never see him again. If she did it would be in awkward passing. In a hallway or a grocery store. They would make eye contact and smile politely. No one would know the intimacy they had shared.

She wondered for a moment how it must be, to wake up next to the same person every morning. To know that he would call. That she would see him again. People with that certainty were lucky. They usually took it for granted though. She wondered when it would happen for her.

She had known that this one wouldn’t. Maybe not from the moment they met. But from the first morning after. She noticed the change in how he looked at her. Yet she kept on going back. What else could she do? She had fun, even though she knew it wouldn’t last.

“There’s always next time” she said to herself, putting her phone back into her bag and smiling at her friend. Only later, while driving home in her car, she would think of it again. She would notice the slight change inside her. The slight sadness. No tears. Things like this weren’t worth her tears.


2 Responses to “The end”

  1. 1 seegogga Mei 3, 2011 om 11:14 vm

    Sjoe goed geskryf.Maar ek kry die meisie jammer. Waarom het sy so ‘n groot behoete aan liefde? Waarom wag sy nie tot die verhouding so diep is dat dit ‘n wonderlike evaring is nie?

  2. 2 Son Mei 3, 2011 om 7:15 nm

    Dis net hartseer. Regtig hartseer. Niemand behoort so te voel nie.

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