So, incredibly human

I’m just gonna come out and say this. We are all so incredibly human.

This has been a weird couple of weeks in terms of realising my own faults and the faults of others. A while ago I did something bad to really hurt my friend. Something I thought I would never do. Neither did she. And another friend of mine did something really bad to hurt her boyfriend. Something no one would have expected her to do.

And we’re all so fallible, and we’re all so human.

This is not a blog about the consequences of our actions (though we need to know there are). This is not about knowing when to move on and when to let something go. This is not about knowing who to trust and who not. This is not about making what I did or my friend did any less wrong. This is not about taking away how much we hurt the people we love.

This is just about knowing, we are all human. I am more human than I would like to care. Growing up you think doing the right thing is easy. You think even knowing what the right thing is is easy. But the lines blur so quickly and so easily. There is always a justification in your mind for what you do. There is always a good enough reason or an argument that distinguishes you from everyone else.

And then someone finds out what you did.

We never think they will. We never realise how much we can hurt the people we love until we do. And then we look back and the line between right and wrong is…well…if you could find it you wouldn’t be in this position.

These past weeks I learned that we are all human. All of us. Even the people we put on pedastils. Even our friends we trust with out lives. Even our boyfriends and girlfriends. Even our parents. Even ourselves.

We are all so, incredibly human.

It would do us all good to remember this every now and then.


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