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A love story in the dark

“Why are you sitting in the dark?” he asked

“I like it here”

He stared at her for a while

“You are really pretty, come and play in the sun so I can see your face better”

“No, I’m sitting here now”

“But you will like the sun. We can do amazing things together” he insisted

“It’s too bright” she answered

“It’s too dark here. Come with me” he said

“Why are you afraid of my sadness?” she asked

He left without answering


A while later someone else came


“Why are you sitting in the dark” he asked

“I like it here” she said

“Then I will sit here with you” he answered

“I’d like that. It’s been lonely here”

And he sat down next to her


A while later she said

“I’m ready to leave now. Will you hold my hand as we go?”


The un-repeated feeling

I’ve never loved as uninhibited as when I was with you

And years later, I still search for that feeling


The poems I’ve written for you could fill books and permeate a lifetime


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